Equipment for loan

Equipment available for loan

Equipment including spinning wheels and looms are available for loan to members. A small rental fee is charged, and a deposit for larger items. Items may be borrowed for periods of up to 3 months at a time, which may be extended if no-one else is waiting.

Larger items: refundable deposit £50 (cheque held by the Guild against return of the equipment in good and clean condition) plus £5 per month

  • drum carder
  • spinning wheel
  • two-shaft loom
  • wool combs

Smaller items: £1 per month (no deposit)

  • cord winder
  • scarf loom
  • tapestry weaving frames
  • rigid heddle loom

Items for use in displays,  demonstrations, etc (no charge)

  • items from Guild and National Exhibition projects
  • project albums
  • projection screen
  • Texere yarns catalogue and samples
  • table covers
  • banner